Wednesday, April 4, 2012

      I have used graphic elements in all of my blogs. The graphic elements I have created myself (such as the flowcharts) were created using CorelDraw. The graphic elements contained in this post were created using Adobe Illustrator. Graphic elements can be used to do a number of helpful things in information design. 

                                                                       Graphic elements can be used
                                                                          to direct a viewer's     
                                                                             attention to a specific piece
                                                                                of information. 
Graphic elements can also be 
used to clarify information

                                                                            Graphic elements can be used 
                                                                               to direct a viewer's eyes 
                                                                                through the desired navigational
                                                                                   pathway around a piece of    
                                                                                      designed information.     

     Graphic elements can also be used to create interest. Often, when a viewer is looking at a piece of information, they don't dedicate ample time to read everything. But a well-placed graphic element can draw the viewer in to take a closer look at the information provided. 

Graphic elements can also:
  • Help to organize information
  • Create balance
  • Create cohesiveness 
  • Create unity 
  • Provide a way to effectively use color



  1. I have been sparing with the graphic elements as most of what I describe or detail is adequately done with words alone. However, most if not all my elements have been created by myself, either through Photoshop/Gimp or hand drawn.

    I understand that good graphics can do things such as provide clarity and the other functions you list here, and where needed I do add them as well. Nice list of potential functions that graphics can be used for. Very thorough.

    Scott G.

  2. Hi Wendy;

    I like the background and color choices. The post visuals are very appealing and user friendly. All of your posts have visually looked great. I think this is the best one so far and really like the graphics and the text placement around the visuals. Everything flows freely, unobstructed and is easy to read, navigate, and follow.

    I think if you added an additional visual that complimented the visuals you have that was specific to the element you described, the post would be stronger. For example, where you have improve navigation, if you added a visual that showed navigation being clear and unclear it would really drive your point home. I like the graphics you chose and would not replace them, but thought it would really add some power to the information you are conveying.

    Overall, great job. Very creative and appealing. I like the chosen tool as it brings awareness to another facet of information design.

    Lisa Pimpinella

  3. Wendy, you did a nice job here. Creating interesting graphics to emphasize key words makes reading your blog easy. Your ideas flow downward evenly and your zigzag approach ties in with your main idea of “directing” attention. Your post is short but packed with quality information. For example, you explain that graphics can be used to assist the reader in finding their particular interest within a page. Very nice!

  4. Hey Wendy,

    The content of this post coupled with the flow of the graphics and text made an effective delivery of the info you provided.

    I actually really liked the way the piece moved and it reminded me of a childrens book in that the design forced me to take in every word typed. Nice job.